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Beautiful hilly landscape

Another beautiful and popular natural attraction in Bornholm is Paradisbakkerne, which is a large private forest area about 3 km from Nexø.

Paradisbakkerne was primarily covered by heather in the past, but today most of the area is covered by forest.

Paradisbakkerne is also known for its many rare plant species that are adapted to the hilly terrain. Here you can find species such as torskemund, yarrow, and cranberries, and it is an important habitat for several endangered species of butterflies and insects.

The rocking stone

Another popular sight in the area around Paradisbakkerne is the rocking stone. The rocking stone is a large granite stone weighing around 35 tons, which rests on a smaller granite stone that functions as a sort of seesaw. It is an impressive sight to see the rocking stone sway back and forth, and it is a popular destination for tourists visiting Bornholm.

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