Code of Conduct

When on the campsite

If any problem arises, please contact the Camp manager on the number + 45 27 11 27 19.

Please show consideration for other guests on the campsite, and be aware that noisy behavior is not allowed. In the timeframe 23-07 there must be peace and quiet on the campsite.

Driving is not allowed on the campsite.

On Eco Beach Camp, only our canvas tents are allowed. Regular tents, caravans, automobiles etc. are not allowed.

Flagpoles, antennas etc. are not allowed and under no circumstances must the site be excavated.

Any kind of weapons or firework is strictly forbidden.

Selling and buying can only take place in the Eco Beach Camp reception og cafe.

The shares facilities ie. toilets, baths, kitchen etc., must be left clean and tidy after use.

Please use the waste containers on the campsite.

Remember to label your food in the refrigerator – unlabeled food will not be saved.


Dogs are not allowed for sleeping guest one the campsite, due to the location near the beach which requires a dog leash and because we want to be considerate of other guests.


Are you leaving before the original check- out time, please let ud know the day before, this is a huge help, in busy periods.

Check-out is at 10 am.


The owners of Eco Beach Camp or the Camp Manager assume no responsibility for damage or loss of guests’ belongings. If you damage buildings, equipment or fellow campers’ belongings, you will be held liable in accordance with the general rules of compensation.

Ved overtrædelse af pladsens reglement, kan der ske bortvisning.

Nature and Environment

Show consideration and protection for both nature and the environment – both depends on your protection. Be the Change.

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Eco Beach Camp

We are the smallest camping spot in Denmark with only 12 tents and we are placed on one of Denmarks best beaches - on Bornholm


Vestre Strandvej 37-39, Balka
3730 Nexø - Bornholm

CVR: DK-37520713
Tel: +45 5362 9876

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