About Eco Beach Camp

When the simple becomes the greatest

Welcome to Eco Beach Camp on Balka beach, Bornholm.

We are a Glamping site with 12 bright canvas tents, all located in the sand between leymus, sky and sea – on one of Denmark’s best beaches.

We want to take a step towards a world where we care about ourselfs, nature and each other. That is why we have created a place where you can feel waves onto land every day and experience the starts, up close, when another well deserved relaxing day comes to and end.

With us, simple becomes bigger; To enjoy a cup of coffee while the world begins, wring the swimsuit, rinse the salt off and hang it to dry on a string until the next day. Do yoga, breathe, felt the warmth on the skin and sit close or site close to your children’s warm bodies in an armchair, and enjoy being present.

We are a small family-owned company that started Eco Beach Camp in 2016. As we are locates on the beach, we are within the beach protection area and must help to take care of both the animal and the plant life. In 2020 we could finally open the campsite as we know it today, with respect for the nature we lie in. Originally, we were assigned 17 units – but to provide the best, experience and keep the intimacy we strive towards, we have chose to only set up 12 tents.

Welcome to a holiday at the water’s edge!

Be the change

We strive for everything with us to be based on the greatest possible respect for the use of local produce, resources and craftsmanship. It is simply that we want to go first and be the change we want to see in the world.
Care for nature & Sustainability

Are you interesseted in sustainability? Read more about what we do at the camp to give back. Organic food is far from all we do


How is Eco Beach Camp really?
Don’t take our word for it – read recommendations and reviews from Tv2 Bornholm, German travel blogs and the danish magasin Eurowoman

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Eco Beach Camp

We are the smallest camping spot in Denmark with only 12 tents and we are placed on one of Denmarks best beaches - on Bornholm


Vestre Strandvej 37-39, Balka
3730 Nexø - Bornholm

CVR: DK-37520713
Tel: +45 5362 9876


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