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Care for Nature

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Dear guest, thank you very much for your interest in our vision and what we do to accommodate a more green aproceh to living.

We love Bornholm and everything the island has to offer, so it is only natural that we try to protect the scenic and unique nature that Bornholm is. We therefore try to get all our products from locals, whether it is building materials or food. The cafe, toilet building, outdoor kitchen, wooden deck and wooden furniture come from Østermarietrælast and are of the Douglas Gran variety. Everything is built by our very skilled naver Roland, who is also local and lives a few kilometers from the site.

Wood is a fantastic material that binds a lot of CO2, and has a wide range of properties that make it very interesting to build with, but you must treat it properly so that it does not degrade and release the bottom CO2.

In our small cafe, we try as much as possible to operate organically and locally or nationally, so we avoid long transport distances and unnecessary packaging of the food.

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