Care for Nature

Dear Guest, Thank you for your interest in our vision for how we’re prioritizing a greener approach.

We love Bornholm and all that the island offers. It’s a natural fit that we cherish Bornholm’s scenic and unique qualities by using local products whenever possible, such as in our cafe or building materials.

We use local Østermarie lumber for our cafe, shared bathroom facilities, outdoor kitchen, decks and wooden furniture. All of them are built by a local Bornholm craftsman, Roland, who you may sometimes see around camp.

Wood is a fantastic material that holds alot of CO2, and has a long list of properties that make it an interesting building material. It must be treated in such a way that it neither degrades nor releases that CO2.

In our small cafe we prioritize organic Bornholm ingredients and products, or organic Danish products, in order to reduce transport and unnecessary food packaging.

We stock:

Johannes Dam & Søn – An organic bakery

Svaneke Bakery – An organic bakery

Borholm Mosteri – An organic juice company

Noda – Sparkling water with organic pressed fruit

Hansen’s Ice Cream

Svænke Beer

Organic wine from select producers

Rudolph Care sunscreen

VIIL towels, sheets and home textiles

Rabens Saloner clothing and textiles

We have earned an organic silver seal for sourcing 60 to 90% of our cafe products organically.

Trash Sorting

We take our trash sorting seriously, and wherever possible recycle or upcycle the packaging from our cafe products.

We greatly encourage that you join us in doing your part to sort bottles, plastic, food waste and other trash. We have set up labelled trash and recycling bins.

We are Bye Bye Plastic certified. You can read more on Bye Bye Plastic here. We think it’s heartbreaking to see plastic trash on the beach and the consequences it has both on aquatic life, as indirectly on those of us who live off this sealife, as well as the oil refining necessary to create plastic. We therefore hope that you will help us keep Bornholm the scenic and unique place it is by making a small change yourself. If you see plastic or other rubbish on the beach, we would appreciate it if you picked it up!

Be The Change!

If you would like to read more about why we no longer use bioplastics, read about our sustainability more in-depth here, which goes further into the challenges of greenifying and what can be done to address it..

Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s report on bioplastic (in Danish):

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Many advertise their sustainability initiatives in connection with the UN’s global goals. These are largely very good, but some of which come at the expense of each other. We have therefore chosen to reduce these to a more general understanding of sustainability through six transformations.

Read about the Six Transformations