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Yoga on the beach is the best way to start your day!

Every morning at Eco Beach Camp, we offer yoga on the beach from 8:30-9:30. Our morning yoga session is open to everyone, regardless of age, experience, or whether you are staying with us or not.

Who is our instructor?
In the summer of 2022, the wonderful Sabrina primarily led the morning yoga sessions and she will continue to do so in 2023. She will also be teaching at Eco Beach Camp’s first yoga retreat! The retreat offers the opportunity to take care of yourself and your body, with plenty of movement, organic green food, and beautiful nature.

But who is Sabrina, and what kind of yoga does she practice? You can read more about her and her own words below.

Meet Sabrina,

“I took my first yoga training in 2018 and since then I have taught yoga to a lot of different people. I have built courses and education on top of that, and I have taught 700+ yoga classes. I currently live in Aarhus where I teach yoga for a company and at a lovely yoga studio in Aarhus Ø. Additionally, I will graduate as a body therapist in 2023, which I also incorporate into my teaching.

As a teacher, I am embracing and present. I make room for everyone to join regardless of level and experience because, in my eyes, yoga is for everyone! You will primarily be presented with dynamic flows inspired by vinyasa yoga, where we move in rhythm with the breath. In my classes, there is a focus on immersion and room to feel the effect of the postures on the body. You will feel your inner strength, deep stretches, twists, backbends, and simple breathing exercises.”

If you are curious to know more about Sabrina, you can find her on Instagram here.

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