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What is glamping?

Glamping has really become a popular way to vacation in Denmark in the last 10 years, and we understand why! We think glamping is the best of both worlds, but what is glamping exactly, and what does glamping mean?

What is glamping?

Glamping is the perfect combination of being close to nature, without compromising luxury. And it is precisely this combination that has created the word. Glamping is a combination of glamorous camping.

At Eco Beach Camp, we have created a luxury glamping site with 21 square meter cotton tents. They are all equipped with everything you need for a relaxing holiday. Good beds and duvets, with organic bedding and towels, carpets and lighting, as well as a mirror, safety box, decorative pillows, storage for clothes, and a heater for the cold days. All of this is to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere for a wonderful vacation.

Who can go glamping?

Glamping is for EVERYONE, plain and simple! Big or small, young or old, couples, families with small and big children, solo travelers or friends. At Eco Beach Camp, we make a big effort to make room for everyone. We especially have many couples who enjoy the romantic surroundings, with the opportunity for long walks on beaches, watching sunrises, or simply spending time alone together away from everyday life. However, we also have the pleasure of welcoming many families with children. The entire site is covered in sand, which for many children is a dream come true, as they live in a sandbox. We have beach toys on the site, and Balka Beach, where the site is located, is very child-friendly. There are no stones in the sand or water, it is shallow, there is onshore wind, and there are lifeguards on the beach in the summer. 

Eco Beach Camp’s Glamping History

When we first opened Eco Beach Camp for its opening season in 2016, we were actually the first in Denmark to bring the glamping concept to life. Back then, the concept was somewhat different from what it is today, but we still had the idea of glamping in mind. We had 5-6 Bedouin-style tents equipped with beds, duvets, towels, lighting, and storage. Unfortunately, we had to close down for a period because of the many regulations that come with being situated within the beach protection zone – despite our lovely location right by the water. But despite the bumps and the lengthy closure, we reopened in 2020 with a new concept and a passion to make Eco Beach Camp a unique gem among Denmark’s glamping destinations.

Unique Experiences

We are constantly striving to improve ourselves and make each and every stay something special. In 2022, it became possible to rent out the entire Eco Beach Camp for weddings, events, parties, or team-building, and we hosted our very first wedding! Would you like to know more about the option to rent out the entire campsite? Then click here

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