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From raw materials to glass

Bornholm is known for its distinctive craft of glassblowing, which has been a tradition on the island for over 100 years. Today, there are still many skilled glassblowers on the island who create beautiful and unique pieces of glass art.

Visitors can now visit a variety of different glassblowing studios on Bornholm and watch the talented artisans at work. Some of the most well-known glass studios on Bornholm include Pernille Bülow Glass Workshop, Kähler Glas Bornholm, Baltic Sea Glass, and Hjorths Fabrik. Each studio has its own unique style and technique, so there is always something new and exciting to experience.

So, how does the process of glassblowing work?

The technique of glassblowing is an ancient art form that has been used for centuries. The process consists of several steps:

  1. Preparation of the glass: The glass used in the process is called molten glass and is typically made of sand, lime, and soda, which are melted together at high temperatures. Once the glass is melted, it is kept at a constant temperature to avoid hardening.
  2. Shaping of the glass: A glassblower will then dip a long rod, called a blowing pipe, into the molten glass. Once the pipe has collected a suitable amount of glass, it is pulled out and shaped using various tools, which can press and shape the glass to the desired form.
  3. Blowing the glass: When the shape of the glass is nearly finished, the glassblower will blow into the end of the blowing pipe, causing the hot glass to expand and fill the mold. This is done using a special blowing technique that involves breathing in through the mouth while simultaneously controlling the airflow with the lips and tongue.
  4. Further shaping of the glass: The glass is then further shaped using various tools, which can be used to create curves, grooves, or other details.
  5. Cooling the glass: Finally, the glass is removed from the blowing pipe and placed in an oven for gradual cooling. This reduces the risk of cracks or deformation of the glass due to temperature differences.
  6. Finishing: Once the glass is cooled, it can be polished or painted, or it can be given a surface treatment to give it a unique texture or color.

What can you experience at a glassblowing studio?

At the glassblowing studios, visitors can see how glassblowers work with molten glass and shape it into unique and beautiful objects. It is a fascinating process to watch, and it is incredibly impressive to see how artisans can create such different and beautiful objects out of the same material.

One of the most popular things to buy at Bornholm’s glassblowing studios is glass art in the form of vases, bowls, lamps, jewelry, and much more. Each studio has its own unique selection of objects, so you can find something that suits every taste and style.

If you are interested in visiting Bornholm’s glassblowing studios, we highly recommend it. It is a fantastic opportunity to experience one of the island’s oldest crafts and see some of the most beautiful objects that Bornholm has to offer.

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