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Ceramics on Bornholm

Bornholm is known for its long tradition of ceramics production, and there are many talented ceramic artists on the island. The ceramics production on Bornholm dates back to the beginning of the 19th century when the first ceramics factory opened on the island.

One of the most famous ceramic artists on Bornholm was Michael Andersen, who founded a ceramics workshop in Rønne in 1883. The workshop later became known as Michael Andersen & Sons, and they produced some of the most iconic Bornholm ceramic tableware and sculptures in the mid-20th century.

Today, there are still many ceramic artists on Bornholm producing high-quality ceramics in various styles and techniques. One of the most well-known ceramic artists on the island is Anne Mette Hjortshøj, who runs the Hjorths Fabrik workshop in Rønne. Her ceramics are known for their simple Scandinavian style and beautiful glazes.

There are also many smaller ceramics workshops and shops on Bornholm selling ceramics from local artists and producers. It is a unique experience to visit these workshops and see the different techniques and styles used to create the ceramics.

Every year in August, the ceramics festival “Keramik Bornholm” is held, where ceramic artists from around the world exhibit their work and participate in workshops and events on the island. It is a fantastic opportunity to experience the Bornholm ceramics tradition and see some of the most innovative and exciting ceramic works from around the world.

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