Café & Beachbar

Organic, of course

Eco Beach Café

Our small cafe is open daily between 8.30 – 18.00 to serve healthy organic delicacies. We also have the island’s best coffee, in our opinion.

Our menu varies constantly but you can always get a good healthy breakfast after your morning dip, toasted sandwiches with local ingredients, salads, homemade hummus and more. We serve good coffee, freshly baked goods, a great selection of Hansens ice cream, plus cold wine and beer after a nice day on the beach.

Our cafe is open to the public.

Sample Beverages:

Coffee & Tea
Draft beer
Local Bornholm juice
Fruit-flavored water
Wine — Rosé, White, Red

Sample Menu:

Yogurt with homemade granola and fresh berries
Soft-boiled eggs & toasted rye bread
Cardamom Buns & Cinnamon Rolls
Fruit salad
Breakfast buns with butter & cheese


Toast (Goat Cheese and Truffle, Ham & Comte, Chorizo & Pepper)
Rye Bread Sandwich (Chorizo & Cheese, Salmon and Chives, Hummus)
Hummus plate with vegetables
Tapas plate
Smoked salmon from Fangst
Smoked or marinated mussels from Fangst
Smoked or marinated sprat from Fangst
Delicious shrimp with spring onion mayo


Salted Almonds

Cake of the day
Chocolate truffles

A wide selection of Hansens Ice Cream

See our Smiley rating from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration by clicking the icon below.